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Painted Comme de Garcon Sneakers

I photographed him inside Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His shoes were by Rei herself.   


Lucite Heels & Chanel Details

I saw photographer pieces of her outfit inside the Rei Kawakubo exhibit at the MET this Spring. I hesitated a bit asking to photograph people inside a museum let alone the signature event. But thought I’ll tread lightly but after all this is the Fashion exhibit.  We didn’t get a chance to talk much about her outfit but she didn’t seem to mind being asked. I really love these details. But phone cases like this are usually why I stop someone, it’s the best statement! Once I looked closer at this phone case, I realized that even though it’s a cigarette case it says Chanel Smoking Kills.  Shop the post     <br />


Bunny Might Game U

I met her in New York City while I was visiting my friend Emily. We were on our way home from a full day of exploring when I saw her on the track waiting for the train. I was struck by her coolness in her outfit and as we got to talking, I loved what I learned about her. She bought her shirt at Forever 21 but ended up cutting it herself to make it cropped. She said she was a Gamer and was gaming before it was the cool thing to do. When I asked her about her hat, Emily and I told her how much Emily’s boyfriend loves $1 pizza. Though it can be a hit or miss in New York, she got that $1 Pizza hat from the DJ You Love Poon, she’d paired up with to throw a Star Wars Party. She said her sneakers were a Limited Edition collaboration between Nike and Kobe Bryant.  If you are curious to learn more about her, check out her Instagram here @bunnymightgameu or to check out @youlovepoon as well. 


Fall-Winter 2017/18 Haute Couture CHANEL Show

  Set under the Eiffel Tower, Karl Lagerfeld reminds us of our past and of how we have been able to walk freely under the Eiffel Tower. His dramatic runway scenes usually paint magnificent experiences that transport us through time, like this and this. But for this show, the symbolism in this show is a node to what won’t be possible, when Paris builds a clear wall will surround the tower, in the Fall of 2017.  So for me, this show is both stunning and heart-wrenching. It’s stunning because of the story that’s being told through clothes, the militaristic colors, and shapes that start the show, evolving into the twenties inspired garments and ending with two grand white ball gowns that don’t represent the white flag of surrendering but rather of hope and peace. All while underneath one of the most iconic structures and sitting so casually in green metal folding chairs. The show is heart-wrenching because of the way our society is changing, that our tourists, locals, and expats sometimes don’t feel safe in Paris or that of any global hometown.  But within this show, this story, Lagerfeld reminds us of how far we’ve come and how far we’ll continue to go.  […]