Aerialist from Philly

For this week’s posting of Street Talk, I met this guy in Back Bay after he was coming back from the gym. Originally from Philadelphia, he was in town to teach classes as an aerialist. 

Tali: What does style mean to you?

Aerialist from Philly: That’s a hard question cause I don’t really dress for style, I dress for comfort. I like to wear a lot of black, so style for me is just going with what suits your personality. So for me, it’s just comfortable and I like black because I don’t like to get things dirty. 

Tali: What do you do for work?

AFP: I’m a traveling aerialist. I perform on silks lear and pole and I teach aerial dance classes in Philadelphia. 

Tali: You’re not from here? 

AFP: No, I’m actually here for 2 days. 

Tali: Tell me about how you made your games and why you did? 

AFP: They’re just plastic gauges with e6000 glue and then rhinestones that I found on Ebay, Swarovski rhinestones. I made them because I was looking for really sparkly earrings to go with a costume I made myself and they were all crappy, so I just decided to glue some rhinestones to earrings and they came our really nice. I make a bunch of them and sell them now. 

Tali: Where do you sell them?

AFP: On an Etsy shop in Philly, it’s called Skydancephilly.

Tali: What’s something that inspires you during the day?

AFP: I’m very into health and fitness. I’ve also worked for a gym for about 8 years now. So I wake up every day and take a fitness class. I also have two dogs that I run with so, it’s just like a go, go, go day for me. I look forward to it, so getting out of bed is a good thing. 

Tali: How did you get into aerialist? 

AFP: I used to go out to clubs and I saw a lot of really bad pole dancers where they would fall off the poles. So I thought, I’d try it out. I did a lot of sports already. It was really hard and it kicked my butt, but I decided to keep going and I fell in love with it. So I started teaching pole dancing, competing and now I travel and perform. 

Tali: You have to be really strong to do that, right? 

AFP: Yeah, it takes a lot of coordination. I learned the hard way. 


I had the best time meeting him that I was inspired to check out aerialist classes in Boston. Here are a few: AirCraft Aerial Arts Swet Studio (which is aerialist yoga – I’m down!), and Boston Pole Fitness

I haven’t gone yet. But have you? What did you think of it?