Style Cheese is a street style website by Tali Lekorenos. It’s about photographing the personality that comes along with each individual’s personal style. When they are true to themselves, their authenticity shines through in the way they move and how they layer prints or solid colors. It’s about accessories, rolled up pants, patterned socks, or a crisp suit and how they present themselves to the world and to me – the girl behind the lens. 

Not only is this site about style but it’s about culture, food, lifestyle, beauty, travel and all of the conversation in between. 

Well hello there, my name is Tali Lekorenos (pronounced TAL-EE LEK-OR-EEN-OS). I’m a Boston-based photographer. I launched this website in March 2017 as inspiration for my less than inspiring wardrobe. Almost a year prior, I began to realize that, I didn’t have anything I wanted to wear for the warm weather seasons. Almost the entirety of my closet was built around fall and winter. 

So I began to observe what other people were wearing for ideas. Soon after, I realized the fashion on the street was too good to just pass me by. After a while (a year), I took the plunge, traded in my old camera for my new one, and shot my first photograph the next day. 

In addition, I’ve since realized that I truly enjoy the conversations I have with each individual I photograph. So this site has become so much more than a celebration of fashion, but of life, meeting new people, culture, food, and experiences. I look forward to continuing to connect with you. Please reach out to me with questions, comments or just a simple hello!