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Hi! I’m Tali, I started this blog back in March 2017 after thinking about it for over a year. Originally, the idea for Style Cheese was to document the outfits of people I liked to help myself understand what was unique about my own personal style. But since then, it’s evolved to be so much more than that. Because not only do I approach strangers on the streets of wherever my travels take me, though mostly in my hometown of Boston, I really like to talk to them. From each person, I’ve learned about what inspires their style, where they purchased a piece they are currently wearing and where they are from. 

In addition, I’ve started asking about a recommendation from their hometown of a restaurant, cafe or market, which all started out because of this guy. Since starting this, I’ve realized you can never have too many local suggestions. You can find all of those underneath each post and all in one place within the Travel Guide page at the top of this site. 

So on this site, you’ll also find photographs of each person I’ve approached and has agreed to be photographed, new brands I’ve learned about from them or through my own online research, as daily doses to inspire your style and life. 

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